Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Week of Late Nights

This week has been pretty rough.
Lots of time doing school assignments,
writing papers, and getting ready for tests.
(Like the one I have tomorrow!)

That's life during spring term I suppose.

With all this school stuff going on,
I have had to stay up super late...
Example: It's 12:30 AM as we speak!

And I'm pretty sure my bloodshot eyes can attest to that.

Since I've been up late studying, I have needed some
great music to keep me awake.

So I've been listening to this:

And this:

And this:

Can you tell I like listening to Lindsey Stirling?!

Yeah, she keeps me awake (and sane) while I'm studying
into the early morning hours.

I think that first song, We Found Love, is one of my favorites!

Take a listen! Especially if you're up late studying, internet surfing, etc...

Have a wonderful day!
(or night I suppose) :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Undergoing some changes...

So, as I'm sure you can see,
I am making some changes to the blog!

Unfortunately, I have no idea what I'm doing so it may
look a little strange for a while until I figure it out!

Let me know if...
~you know how to make a blog banner fit the page
~you know how to get rid of the black background on the banner
~make it so the background covers the entire background
(for some reason my background doesn't go all the way
to the top of the page and I have no idea why!

Have a great day! :)

An afternoon with Kaiya

Sometimes, when Joshua goes to work on Saturdays
I just need to get out of the house with
Kaiya and do something active!

I get a little stir-crazy after being inside for a long time!

Lucky for me, the weather has been perfect for getting out!

So, Kaiya and I headed to the park...

She is mesmerized by grass.
She used to avoid grass at all costs,
but she's warming up to it now. :)

Pretty sure she was trying to eat a clump of dirt here.
Silly girl. She'll eat anything!

Kaiya loves looking up at the trees.
She was reaching up to touch the leaves.

She's too cute. :)

Is that hat cute or what?!

Loving nature. <3

Friday, May 10, 2013

Coming to a Close

So, I've been thinking a lot recently about
my quickly approaching college graduation.
(I graduate next April!)

I've thought about how the past 16 years
of my life have revolved around
school, education, studying, etc.

And as I am sure many have felt before (or maybe I'm just a nerd ;) ),
I am scared  of being done with school!

What am I going to do with myself?!
All that extra time.

Well, I know one thing is for sure.
I am definitely going to be spending a LOT
more time with this little cutie...

**You may recognize this picture from a previous post I made
when Kaiya turned 5 months old.**

Now, she'll be 10 MONTHS OLD TOMORROW!!!
(Oh my gosh!)

Anyways, I miss time with this sweet baby.
I am truly grateful for everyone who has helped watch
her while I'm at work or in class,
but I want to be the one at home with her.

I don't want to miss her first steps.
I don't want to miss the first time she says, "Mama" or "Dada."
I don't want her to wonder who will be babysitting her each day.

I want to be there.

I want to show her the world and teach her the things I know
and the things that really matter in life.

I want to be her role model.
But I also feel like there's so much I can learn from her.

And now that graduation is coming up,
I feel like I am getting closer to spending more
time with my sweet little Kaiya.

So, my formal education is coming to a close,
but another chapter of my life is beginning to open.
I plan on filling this new chapter with 
*more time with Kaiya,
*more time with Joshua,
*books I have been wanting to read,
*ongoing personal study and learning,
*new hobbies,
*new family members *wink wink*
*and much, much more.

Feeling SO excited for what the future holds! :)

~Anyone else feeling nervous, excited, uncertain, relieved about college graduation?

~Or, if you have already graduated from college, how did you deal with the stress of 
transitioning into the "real world?"

Thursday, May 2, 2013

To Eternity and Beyond: A Weekend of Weddings

This past weekend was filled with family, friends, fun...
and TWO weddings!

Two of Joshua's siblings were married last weekend.
One on Friday (Allie and Nate)

 and the other on Saturday (Jake and Mary).

Photo Source

Don't they all look amazing?!
Both brides were glowing and the grooms were grinning from ear to ear.
The joy and excitement were tangible.

It reminded me of my own wedding almost 2 years ago.
I can't believe so much time has gone by already!

Seriously, I love love love weddings!
They make me so happy.
I love seeing the love radiating from the bride and groom
as they look forward to their life together.

They particularly make me happy because of the eternal nature of marriage.
In the LDS Church, we believe that a temple marriage enables
a man and a woman to be together in their mortal lives and eternally.
(More info on that here.)
How great is that?! Eternity with your best friend!

Anyways, we had so much fun celebrating the marriages of these two couples!

And I just have to give a HUGE recommendation to the
 two photographers who photographed the weddings.
They were phenomenal!

Brianna Yardley photographed Jake and Mary's wedding day.
Here's her Facebook page: Photography by Brianna Yardley
She's amazing, right?!

Jessica Drew photographed Jake and Mary's bridals and Allie and Nate's bridals and reception.
Her photos of Jake and Mary can be found here. Photos of Allie and Nate are here.
Equally beautiful and amazing!
And I will just share a few of the photos she took of Jake and Mary's wedding in this post.
You can view the rest on her website. Take a look!

Aren't those all amazing?! They are quite the beautiful/photogenic/model couple, huh?

I also took some pictures of our fun weekend with my phone's camera.
(I know, I forgot to bring my good camera! Fail! Oh well...)
Here are some moments I captured:

Allie & Nate's luncheon after the wedding

Getting ready to cut the cake!

Beautiful bridesmaids!

Hannah :)

Bridesmaid flowers

Allie & Nate's reception decor. Isn't it beautiful?!

Table centerpieces.

I didn't get any pictures of Jake and Mary's reception,
but it was just as amazing and beautiful as Allie and Nate's!

Joshua and I had lots of fun together:


And we had a blast with Kaiya:

Loving the double chin, there. Haha.

She has the cutest clothes in the whole world!

Kaiya and daddy:

Um, gangsta?


Dress up in the air, of course.

Apparently, I have two babies...haha!

Love these two.

Kaiya and mommy:

I love Kaiya's infectious smile!

Kaiya's cute self:

Kaiya loves airplanes. :)

And the McG family:

My family brings so much meaning to my life.
I love them to pieces,
And I'm glad I have them for eternity.
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