Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm grateful for...

With Thanksgiving this past week, and Christmas coming up,
 I have so much to be grateful for...

I'm grateful for this little turkey of mine...

And this BIG turkey of mine.

I'm grateful for my marriage...

 And my little family.

 I'm grateful to be a mommy...

 And to have such a wonderful mommy...

 And daddy.
The Broyles grandparents with Kaiya.
I could go on and on and on with all the things I am grateful for in my life.

 I am so blessed.

What are you grateful for this year?

Much love,

Friday, November 16, 2012

I'll stop procrastinating...starting tomorrow!

So, something I have realized about myself (and I am sure I'm not the only one..at least I hope not!) is that I have a problem.

 A problem with procrastination.

Every day I think, "Okay Mikaila, today is going to be a productive day! I am going to wake up and get everything done on my to-do list...well, everything that I want to do. That homework due at the end of the week? Nah, I still have a while to get that done. That huge research paper due in a couple weeks? That's forever away!" I mean really, isn't that what all you students have thought at one time or another?! ;)

Unfortunately, I say to myself (every day) that I will "work on it tomorrow." Well tomorrow comes and I still don't work on it. Even if I have some spare time! I thought about this today and thought, why do I think this way? Won't I have to get these things done eventually anyway? Why not work on it now so I don't have to stress about it later? 

Well, this is something I am going to be working on. And now that I've made it public, my procrastinating tendencies will magically go away, right? Probably not. But I hope it'll give me incentive to be a little less of a procrastinator.

And while we're on the subject, I'd love to hear your best/worst/most epic procrastination stories! Just for fun. :)

P.S. In other news, Kaiya has successfully discovered the art of rolling from her back to her belly. Where has my little newborn gone?! She's just growing too fast!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Blogging Bandwagon!

Well hello!

So, I have decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon to keep my friends and family (and I suppose any one else who is interested) up-to-date with the little McGlothin family here in Utah! I had been brainstorming potential blog names for the longest time and only came up with a few that I liked. After much internal debate and asking others' opinions, I decided on "Life with JaM." JaM stands for Joshua (my handsome hubby) and Mikaila. I thought it was pretty cute and unique! Plus, who doesn't like jam?!

Anyways, I am so excited to start documenting the everyday happenings in my life. I cannot wait to share with you the adventures I have with Joshua and our little baby girl, Kaiya!

P.S. I am totally new at this blogging thing and am a little confused with personalizing it. So, if you know of any places I could find tips or advice on blogging, I'd love to hear about it!

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